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The Scarf Story

My daughter gave me this wonderful scarf.  I love it and wear it often. I was wearing it when I walked into a store with my husband, Gene.  Within an hour, I was approached by four women who wanted to tell me that they loved my scarf!  After the fourth comment, Gene said "You have to sell this scarf"!  It was a bit of a search but I found the source.

Our scarf is fair trade, made in a socially and environmentally responsible way in a woman's cooperative in Nepal. Using the ancient felted wool technique and 100% merino wool, each one is individually crafted, creating a variation of colors and patterns,

It measures a generous 78" by 12",  It is soft, warm, comfortable and durable and because it can be pulled through any ring or rings, it can be arranged in countless, creative ways.  I have found it matches or enhances many outfits.  And I can guarantee it will attract attention and earn you many compliments.

When you purchase a scarf, you support the woman who created it and her family and you support The Give Art Foundation. Thank you!
Cost is $60 (plus tax and shipping) .

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